Co-Founder and President

Dr. Talia Witkowski began her professional career as a Clinical Psychologist, specializing in working with families of wealth and entertainment industry professionals with addictions, food and emotional issues. In that role, Talia gained the trust and respect of the decision makers who hired her and was utilized as an advisor – assisting with the formation of new partnerships, strategies, generational wealth transitions, co-investments and more. This interesting transition afforded her the opportunity to shift careers in 2009, into the role of intermediary and advisor for family offices, investors and entertainment industry professionals.

Her passion for creating healthy systems through identifying and solving problems, developed into a career building businesses for and with entrepreneurs – providing fundraising, marketing, sales, branding and other services to start-ups across all types of business, from medical to tech to mining and development.

Talia has fostered dozens of successful partnerships and co-investments, and has helped to form and run multiple start-ups.

After helping others to build their business for close to decade, Talia returned to her first love – music. She began looking for methods by which to monetize the marketplace further and found a niche in Digital Media Monetization. Many know how to build followings but few know how to monetize, without compromising brand integrity. From that need, Mavericks Digital Management was born. What began as an acceleration and monetizing option for musicians has developed into a worldwide back-end digital optimization tool for brands across all areas of influence, from sports to religion to music and more.

Talia’s passions for philanthropy drives her professional aspirations – ending the trafficking of children, racial inequality and addiction are her passions. She sits on the board for Personal Involvement Center, Children Uniting Nations, Children’s Defense Alliance, Roy Nelson Healing and Safety Harbor Kids, and is currently developing technology solutions to assist those causes closest to her heart.



Co-Founder and CEO

Gabrielle Allen has been a marketing, production, sales and brand licensing executive for over three decades, pioneering award-winning marketing and publicity campaigns for film, technology and consumer products in domestic and worldwide markets. Her experience spans several corporate entities and includes all aspects of management, strategic planning, finance, multi-media production, marketing, publicity, social media, events, print, web, radio and TV advertising, magazines, commercials and live events. As the Executive Director of an international brand management, advertising and marketing firm, she oversaw the global production of 25 satellite offices, with an annual budget of $500 million.

Gabrielle founded Marketing Innovations Group servicing entertainment industry clients with the creation and management of grass-roots marketing campaigns and marketing collateral, social media and advertising strategies. For the last 12 years, Gabrielle has acted as Senior Executive of Motive Entertainment (www.motiveentertainment.biz), a marketing and content creation company focused on serving niche audiences, particularly the faith and family community, as well as broad, mainstream audiences with targeted messaging. Motive’s strategies are based on a system of highly effective marketing “formulas” that connect with consumers at a deeper, cause-based level. In addition to work within the film/tv arenas, Motive has assisted multiple non-profit and charitable organizations to extend their reach, visibility and revenues, by utilizing these same effective strategies. They seek to serve rather than sell, and the results show the fruits of this approach.

Motive’s unique approach has designed and executed some of the most successful grass roots marketing campaigns in Hollywood history, including The Passion of the Christ, earning $125 million in its first five days, earning over $600 million in worldwide box office. Motive launched Wal-Mart and P&G’s TV movie Secrets of the Mountain (top rated program on TV the night it aired), and Mark Burnett’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska (TLC’s highest rated show) films that have far exceeded expectations, the unexpected hits Rocky Balboa, Expelled and The Secret Life of Bees. And over the last few years we facilitated the grass roots marketing for the record-breaking miniseries The Bible, and the hit feature film Son of God, as well as many other projects such as Warner Brother’s The Good, Paramount’s Captive, Sony’s Heaven is for Real. Recent projects include Paramount/MGM’s epic remake of the classic, Ben-Hur and Lionsgate’s The Shack. Gabrielle has been a core part of the Motive team plan and execute highly innovative and successful campaigns with all the major Film Studios and several broadcast TV networks, including Warner Bros, Universal, MGM, Disney, Paramount, Sony, Open Road, Focus Features, Lionsgate, NBC and ABC, and has collaborated on the development of some of the first social media campaigns and web apps used by Facebook and other social media/communications technology platforms.

As a leading industry entrepreneur, Gabrielle has collaborated to launch several ventures which she retains ownership in:
Mavericks Digital Management, utilizing over a decade of in-the- trenches experience in strategy and production of social and digital media campaigns for film and TV projects and many other client genres.
Media Farm, launched for the development, production and distribution of independent features, documentaries and TV and other multi-platform content creation (Exec Producer or Producer on multiple projects including War Child, Gridiron Heroes, Captive: Breaking Free, Ben-Hur: A Tale of Forgiveness).
Public Democracy, an advanced integrative media platform that allows users/audiences and content creators/ influencers to connect, respond, engage and measure results…in real time.

Her passion to help bring about global strategic alliances that stimulate and impact positive change, has lead her to take on leadership roles (management, strategic planning, establishment, finance, investment, branding and promotional) in companies that facilitate new energy and environmental solutions, and innovative multi media communications technologies as well as non-profits. Gabrielle also has a long history of engagement in philanthropic activities and social betterment efforts, having established non-profit organizations on 4 continents, providing seed funding, development strategies, fundraising and promotional resources. She co-founded and managed the start up of an international volunteer initiative that facilitates major disaster relief efforts and humanitarian causes, now with millions of members worldwide. Current and past initiatives include support for Children’s Defense Alliance, Haiti Children, Safety Harbor Kids, A21 Campaign, Not For Sale. Gabrielle also works with her siblings in Reel-Aid.org, a non-profit they founded in 2009 which provides grants and media properties to active charities and groups who are doing amazing work in the world and need assistance to promote and engage supporters.